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Welcome all! You have stepped into the fan world of shuuran. This is the LiveJournal community dedicated to the crack turned to canon pairing, Hisagi Shuuhei and Matsumoto Rangiku from the series Bleach. Vice captains of the 9th and 10th divisions. Thank you Kubo Tite! Fans of this couple of friends, lovers, or whatever are welcome.

[x] General
1.) No flaming/bashing. Constructive criticism is all right by me but nothing like "zOMG u fuking sux beach!!11one"
2.) No 1337 talk or bad internet typing (whatever it's called now a days) 1iKe Tihs i GueSS. My reading skills is only so good. O_o
3.) Keep on topic. If you want to discuss something, keep it with Shuuhei, Rangiku, or ShuuRan.
4.) When posting large or many images, fanfics, and spoilers, have it under an LJ cut. Read this FAQ if you don't know how to make a cut or use the code below.

5.) Have fun, share the love, and enjoy your stay :heart:

[x] Posting
6.) Anything rated PG-13 or above, if it's fanfics or art, should have a warning and be under a cut. (*saves virgin eyes? Well, not mine*)
7.) Fanart, fanfiction, icons, banners, colorbars are allowed.
8.) It better be your own work.
"9.)" Love triangles, squares, pentagons? Are sooooo in XD

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[x] Contacting
Any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions can be directed to dtn
E-mail: TrunksHino2 (at) yahoo (dot) com
AIM: TrunksHino
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